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Pricing Squad

Issue 20 -- November 2017

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Today's issue is about actuaries who build houses.

If actuaries were builders

My family has recently moved house. The new flat needs rewiring, fitting two new radiators and redecorating.

Imagine if personal lines pricing actuaries were in the business of refurbishing houses.

First, the pricing actuary would decide that the best plan is to build a completely new and better house and superimpose it on the existing one. He would recommend that the new house be built from steel using the Great Layered Method (GLM).

Each room would be designed separately and by a different actuary. Division of labour ensures that maximum attention is paid to all details. In fact, the living room will even be split between two actuaries - one doing the floor and the other doing walls and ceiling.

- Sounds fine, please go ahead - say naïve I.

Presently, I would find out that the Great Layered Method requires that all rooms be perfectly square steel boxes. If I want a rectangle or other shape then multiple smaller square rooms must be welded together to achieve this. This is called "interacting".

Also, there will be no bathroom appliances because GLM can only do things which are square. Do I want a square toilet? No thank you, I will sort this out later.

There will be no staircase too. Or glazing. Or plumbing. Do I want square pipes?

Then the actuaries would go away and build all the rooms and floors and ceilings out of sight.

Three months later 16 lorries arrive at my driveway. Each lorry carrying a big steel container.


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